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Trucking Accidents and Large Commercial Vehicle Accidents

The Dangers of Trucks on the Road

Truck accidents along with bus accidents account for over 5,000 deaths on the road in the U.S. every year. According to NHTSA data, the number of truck and bus fatalities goes up at a rate of 9% per year. There are also far more trucking and busing accidents causing non-fatal injuries with approximately 116,000 truck accidents causing injury each year.

Our Knoxville trucking accident lawyers handled many cases each year of large commercial vehicle accidents including tractor-trailers or semis, dump truck accidents and large commercial van accidents.

The Same Reason That Trucks Get More Dangerous Every Year is the Same Reason Jurors Give Multimillion-Dollar Trial Verdicts. It is Finding the Fault of the Trucking Company

Trucks are less safe each year because trucking companies push their drivers to extremes. Some companies encourage their drivers to cut corners on safety. They encourage their drivers to drive even when they are dangerously tired. The best trucking accident lawyers look for the fault of the trucking company. Juries have no patience for trucking companies that put a dangerous truck driver on the road. Our Knoxville trucking accident attorneys keep the community safe by holding these dangerous truckers accountable.

Trucking Accidents are Different From Car Accidents and They Require Experienced Tractor-Trailer Lawyers

One big difference between an ordinary car wreck and a truck wreck is the team that is behind the trucking company. Trucking companies are rich. They put their money into defending cases. Many trucking companies have a rapid response team. The rapid response team begins work immediately after the wreck. The team looks to create a case against your trucking accident claim. They do this by taking witness statements early. If possible, they will get an investigator to the accident scene. They will take pictures of the scene that present their case in the best light for them. They hire biased accident reconstruction experts to build a case against you. As experienced Knoxville trucking accident lawyers, we know how the trucking company approaches the claim.

It is important for you to hire an experienced attorney early because the trucking company begins work early to defeat your claim. We have significant experience with multi-million-dollar trucking cases. We will call upon experienced accident reconstructionist experts that will hold the trucking company accountable. Our Knoxville trucking accident attorneys also contact witnesses to the truck wreck early.

What We Look for in Trucking Accident Cases

As Knoxville truck wreck lawyers, we look for evidence that the truck driver was sleep deprived. You typically find this out by looking at the driver’s logs. We look for evidence that the trucking company knew that the driver was sleep deprived but put him on the road anyway. Our Knoxville truck wreck attorneys look for evidence that the driver’s logs are falsified. We look for evidence that the company had unreasonable expectations on the driver to get from point A to point B. These unreasonable expectations endangered others on the road. We also look for other safety violations that are covered in various regulations. For example, we want to know if the truck was adequately maintained.

The safety record of the truck driver and the company can also be very important to the case. Jurors will not reward a company that has known for some time that they have a dangerous driver working for them. Our Knoxville truck wreck lawyers make a detailed examination of everything the truck driver and trucking company did that lead up to your wreck.

“I’ve Been Injured by a Truck, What Should I do?”

You should first take care of yourself by seeking medical attention. Some people first experience pain in the days after the wreck. Seek medical attention immediately after the pain develops. In many cases, the trucking companies and the insurance companies like to use your delays in medical treatment against you.

Call one of our experienced Knoxville trucking accident lawyers as soon as possible. Trucking cases are complicated. They need to be investigated early. In addition, you have a one-year statute of limitations in Tennessee on your trucking case. This means that you either need to get the case settled in one year or file a lawsuit. The claim is lost forever if you don’t meet these strict deadlines.

Contact the Lawyers of Brown and Roberto today for your free trucking accident consultation. We can be reached at (865) 691-2777.

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