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Our Guarantee

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1. Try Us 30 Days Risk Free

If we don’t show you in the first 30 days that we are serious about you and your case…just come get your file, no questions asked, and you will be charged no fee for our service. That’s our Serious Lawyer Guarantee!

Many people don’t seek legal assistance because they are unfamiliar with the legal system and haven’t needed a lawyer before. This is troubling, because the insurance companies have no incentive to take care of you. In fact, the insurance industry profits by not paying you what your case is worth. The Lawyers of Brown and Roberto help those injured by the actions of others and we want to help you get what you are entitled to under Tennessee law.

In almost every other industry, service providers give a satisfaction guarantee. We believe lawyers should too and we can prove this to you in the first 30 days, completely risk free. Typically when you go and see a lawyer, if you are unsatisfied and want to take your file elsewhere you will owe that lawyer quantum meriut; that means that the lawyer is owed a fee for the work they have done up to that point. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our client service, that if you aren’t satisfied with our service in the first 30 days we will waive our quantum meriut and you will owe us nothing. That’s right! You can walk away anytime in the first 30 days completely risk free if you are unsatisfied with us for any reason.

2. The Most Money

We will fight hard to get you the most money we can. There is no incentive for Insurance companies to pay you what your case is worth. Given the chance, the insurance company will play on your lack of experience and knowledge to cheat you out of the recovery you deserve. Our lawyers are confident that we can get you the most money possible on your case because we know the law and we don’t sell our clients short by encouraging a settlement before your case is ready.

3. Fast Recovery

Your time is precious and we understand that. That’s why we work as quickly as possible to get you the recovery you are entitled to under the law. We prod the insurance company to get your case resolved promptly with the least impact on you and your family.

4. Client Service

On day one we will assign a relationship specialist to your case, who will be there to answer your calls and questions in a timely manner. Your relationship specialist will work with your lawyer to guide you through the legal process, making sure you receive regular updates on our progress and the care and attention you and your case deserve. We strive to treat each of our clients with the same dignity and respect that we would expect and aim to exceed our client’s expectations so much so that we have a serious lawyer Bill of Rights that we follow.

Our Client Bill of Rights

We all want to be treated well and we expect a lot from those we trust to provide services for us. At The Lawyers of Brown and Roberto we believe that should be true for your lawyer as well! To help guide our efforts on behalf of our clients, we have created our Serious Lawyer Bill of Rights for our clients. As our client:

  1. You have the right to get the most money for your case as quickly as possible.
  2. You have the right to only pay us when we get money for you.
  3. You have the right to competent aggressive representation aimed at achieving your goals for your case.
  4. You have the right to have your questions answered promptly and to have regular updates on our progress with your case.
  5. You have the right to exceptional service and for our service to exceed your expectations.

Want our Serious Lawyer Bill of Rights? Give us a call today and see what Serious Lawyers can do for you!

Client Reviews
"We tried to go through the insurance company ourselves, but they basically just laughed at us. So I got in touch with The Lawyers of Brown & Roberto. The insurance company's attitude really changed, and within a week we had our car replaced and rehabilitation going for my wife. The Lawyers of Brown & Roberto stuck in there and fought for us." J. Felver
"Had it not been for The Lawyers of Brown & Roberto, I would be in a mess. I would not have been able to handle the paper work or things that would have been required to stand in a court of law myself. They got the most that I could have gotten for any injury that I had. I was more than pleased with the settlement. They handled my case promptly and very professionally." D. Blakeman
"I would recommend The Lawyers of Brown & Roberto because they are for the client. They are extremely tough when they go to court, they keep you well informed, and they treat you as a person. They are extremely good attorneys. They changed my life. They helped my life because they believed in me. They fought for me. I thank God for them." C. Scarbrough