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Serious Injury

When You’ve Been Seriously Injured in a Car Wreck

A severe car wreck can happen in an instant, and suddenly your life has changed dramatically. The full damage of a serious injury is not just measured in dollars and cents. It has consequences that can stretch on for years, create hardships you had never planned for, and completely interrupt your life. The Lawyers of Brown & Roberto work to help you recover a full and fair financial settlement so that you have the resources you need to pay your medical expenses, offset lost wages, and prepare for an uncertain future. No one can reduce the emotional and physical burden that you and your loved ones face, but our lawyers can help you recover all of the compensation you are due under the law, so that you can stay focused on what is important.

Helping You Deal With the Burden of Serious Injury

If you have suffered serious injury as a result of another driver’s negligence in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, you may be facing expensive and long-lasting consequences. Making sure that the insurance companies live up to their financial obligations often requires a skilled and experienced attorney who works for you, not the insurance companies.

The Lawyers of Brown & Roberto are serious lawyers, who know how to win. We provide effective and client-focused service for clients who have suffered serious bodily injury in a motor vehicle accident, such as:

  • Permanent disability
  • Spinal injury
  • Paraplegia
  • Quadriplegia
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Permanent nerve damage
  • Crushing injuries and fractures
  • Amputation

With an increasing amount of distractions, inattentive or impaired driving seems to grow more common every day. Even as safety features become become more commonplace, the number and severity of accidents seems to increase each year. When you have suffered in an accident, don’t go it alone. Get The Lawyers of Brown & Roberto on the phone.

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When you have suffered a serious personal injury or you have lost a loved one because of someone else’s distraction or negligence, put The Lawyers of Brown & Roberto to work for you. Our experienced staff will provide you and your family the answers you need.

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Client Reviews
"We tried to go through the insurance company ourselves, but they basically just laughed at us. So I got in touch with The Lawyers of Brown & Roberto. The insurance company's attitude really changed, and within a week we had our car replaced and rehabilitation going for my wife. The Lawyers of Brown & Roberto stuck in there and fought for us." J. Felver
"Had it not been for The Lawyers of Brown & Roberto, I would be in a mess. I would not have been able to handle the paper work or things that would have been required to stand in a court of law myself. They got the most that I could have gotten for any injury that I had. I was more than pleased with the settlement. They handled my case promptly and very professionally." D. Blakeman
"I would recommend The Lawyers of Brown & Roberto because they are for the client. They are extremely tough when they go to court, they keep you well informed, and they treat you as a person. They are extremely good attorneys. They changed my life. They helped my life because they believed in me. They fought for me. I thank God for them." C. Scarbrough