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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents are Dangerous

Motorcycle accidents often involve very serious injuries. In 2017, nearly 5,200 motorcyclists died in motorcycle crashes according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to die than those in other passenger vehicles on the road.

Motorcycle accidents are unfortunately common in East Tennessee, as many riders flock to Tennessee to enjoy the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Our Knoxville motorcycle accident attorneys have been serving East Tennessee for decades.

Proving Fault in Motorcycle Accidents

Our Knoxville motorcycle accident lawyers have had success on numerous motorcycle accident cases over the years. The biggest challenge in these cases is proving fault. In Tennessee, you must prove that others were more than 50% at fault in causing the accident. This is true in all personal injury cases but is more difficult in the cases involving motorcycles.

In cases in which fault has been disputed by the other driver, the case is going to be about credibility. In other words, who is telling the truth? If the case does not settle and is about credibility, the case can become very complicated. The easiest way to prove the fault of the other driver is by eyewitness testimony from an unbiased witness. These witnesses are typically identified in the police report.

Sometimes there are no witnesses and the motorcyclist is incapacitated from being his or her own witness. In these cases, an accident reconstruction expert may be necessary to prove the fault of the other driver. Our Knoxville motorcycle accident attorneys will call upon the reconstruction experts you need.

Fault may also be proved by showing that the other driver violated some law or statute. For example, maybe the driver failed to yield or did not use a turn signal. Proving fault this way is called proving fault by “negligence per se.” The first place we go to look for negligence per se is in the accident report. Next, we may talk to the officer that made the report. We will want to talk to the officer soon while the report is fresh on his or her mind.

The Importance of Having Experienced Attorneys at Trial

It is important to have an experienced motorcycle accident attorney at trial. Studies show that most jurors make up their minds about the case early between jury selection and opening statements. Our experienced Knoxville motorcycle accident lawyers will work to identify the right jurors and can spot jurors that have a bias in the case.

Protecting Yourself

Motorcycle wrecks often involve very serious injuries. Our Knoxville motorcycle wreck lawyers have experience with cases of serious injury. We are here to protect you. It is important to follow all motorcycle safety laws and be careful on the road. In addition, motorcyclists should carry uninsured motorist coverage at a level sufficient to take care of very serious injuries. Many drivers in Tennessee only carry State minimum coverage of $25,000. That amount is not enough to cover severe injuries from being thrown off a bike. If you get in a wreck with someone that has limited insurance, our Knoxville motorcycle wreck lawyers will look for other sources of payment.

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